AMF Panel

AMF Panel

AMF i.e. Automatic Mains Failure panel. Which makes power switch to emergency standby generator during malns failure. We deslgn, manufacture 8. test our own as well as customIzed AFVF panels wttb our own manufacturIng set up. We manufacture AMF panel for all range of Genset rating. KVA RatIngs - 5v, 7.51o/A,101,VA,15vA, 25kvA, 4.01,VA, 4.5v A, 5.01

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AMF Panel Used in:

  • Hospitals

  • Airports

  • Pharmaceutical Plants

  • Railways

  • Commercial & Residential buildings

  • Mall

AMF Panel Specifications

Material Aluminium
Frequency 50 hz
Phase Three Phase
IP Rating IP55

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