In a country where Voltage Fluctuation is a general phenomenon in day to day life and keeping in view the current scenario, getting stable electricity distribution is still a distant reality. Usually, Input voltage is lower during daytime and higher during night hours consequentially causing breakdowns. The significance of Servo Voltage Stabilizer with sensitive electronic and electric equipment is well known. The direct connection to fluctuating power can pose significant danger to the safety of costly appliances and electrical equipment. POWER Technology ''s Digital Servo Stabilizer is specifically designed to give a stable output voltage with precision of ±1%, which allows the most favorable current drawing and no excess power is consumed. This saves power and reduces MDI. Our voluntary protection features protect the equipment from every possible risk, although these features exclusively depend upon the input voltage circumstances or equipment''s specifications. Another important factor of any electrical equipment which determines its durability is the quality of raw material used and we at Servokon provide superior quality, maintenance free and durable products.

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Servo Used in:

  • Hospitals

  • Airports

  • Pharmaceutical Plants

  • Railways

  • Commercial & Residential buildings

  • Mall

Servo Specifications

Specification 2 Kw. to 500 kw

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